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A couple of weeks have passed since my upgrade to the new iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone Ten). lots of people have asked do I like it, how does it work without the home button and the main one does Face ID work without issues. I purchased on 02 Refresh as a long-term customer the iPhone X 256GB version which is the largest you can get with a cost of £1,149.00 the trade-in of my old phone meant my 12months left of my previous contract was paid off.


Well, I can say Face ID works fine, it is quick and easy, however, I do find sometimes that I personally don’t register it has authorised and I need to swipe up, mostly because it is quick to unlock.

Not having a Home button, takes a little time to get used to, slightly different ways on how you need to shut down apps and do things but these are easily learnt.

Another question I am asked does the black knock out detract at the top of the screen, actually, I don’t notice it and am not put off by it.

The phone is fast and being something I use heavily I have not found any issues with it.  The display is amazingly good and the camera is brilliant as some of the photos I have recently taken are better than I could take on my old Canon SLR mainly due to the dual camera sensors and improved processing.   The main issue I have is battery power on all phones but this one seems to be good, however, the iPhone 7s plus is marginally better.

Wireless charging is really good and the Belkin wireless charging base is really good.  I would like to see what the Apple one is like but that will not be available until 2018, so we will wait and see.

I think the thing for me is that yes most of the technology included in the phone is not new or groundbreaking but that’s not what makes these phones so good.  Apple has built an ecosystem with the operating system which now integrates with all my Apple products, changing a phone is pain-free if you use iCloud backups as you can re-import a backup and be back to right where you were before the new phone with all your details saved.  I have been playing with android too as I have a spare phone but I just cannot get into the android mentality and I seem to get frustrated with them. maybe it is due to using Apple for so long that I need to think about it in a different way.  So I will not be moving anytime soon from an Apple phone.

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